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One of the most amazing things about technology is not only how much information is out there, but how much out there is also free!

In particular, a small little software program named Sculptris. I find Sculptris to be something of an adorable little brother to it's older siblings Zbrush and mudbox. Though these big names have been out there for 10 years and 3d art is nothing new to anyone, the works created by the precious few who own those programs are seen as other-worldy or magical, because the knowledge of how to creat those 3d images are so unknown to us.

Scuptris gives us a free look into it's older brothers' world without all the complexity in it's funciotanlity. It is simple, elegant, and most of all Fun!

It does have its draw backs or limitations.

Sculptris crashes...a lot... It does auto-save my work, so I don't have to worry about losing the progess I've made, but I do have to re-open it often. I've found a few ways around this. The main thing is to keep your poly count down to about 1 mil. (the triangle count found in left corner of the screen.)

Also, once you begin texturing, you can not resume modeling your image. And there is also a lack of muti-object control.

The limitations are easily livable when I consider what is being offered to me for free in return.

Here is an example of one of my first attempts at working in Sculptris, and did I mention, It's fun!

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