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Mini Crossover Comic with Glenn Matchett and Jenny Gorman

Are you a fan of Living With Death? Or a fan of my other detective story, Sparks? I’ve got good news for you either way. Fear not, dear reader, because both of these stories are still near and dear to me, and both of them are still in various stages of production. I’ll do my best to keep you updated on when and where you can get your hands on these comics when they’re released. In the meantime, I wanted to do a story for any fans out there who are still patiently waiting for new releases of either of these two stories. Now I invite you to check out the release of my new mini-comic Living With Death: The Final Novel.

I had it in my mind for a while that Living With Death and Sparks would take place in the same universe for several reasons. In many ways, Mel and Stephanie are opposite sides of the same coin, and my time line makes it impossible for them to interact. The only way I could have the stories crossover in a reasonable way (apart from a few winks and nudges in both) was to have the respective supporting characters from each series meet each other.

The Final Novel is a result of that, and includes probably a lot of story in its five pages. There are just so MANY hints for both Sparks and LWD fans over these five pages. It’s hard to advance the story without really advancing the story, and as a writer I adore putting in little things so that in time, people can come back and go 'Holy cow, how did I miss that?!' I think fans of both series will find more than enough to whet their appetite, and I hope it shows that what I have planned will be worth the wait, be it another year, or 5, or 20.

I want to also thank Jenny Gorman who is a dear friend of mine and a great artist to boot. I met Jenny through a small publisher we both worked at and I just love her work ethic. In many ways, Jenny is invaluable. I want to thank her so much for guesting here on both Living With Death and Sparks while I figure out what to do with the former, and Kell cooks the latter's sequel while laughing manically. I love both these stories, so combining them was a blast to write, and I hope it will be a blast to read it, too. Please enjoy and feel free to send thoughts to me on Twitter @glenn_matchett and check out the fan pages of both series. Stick with me, I'll make it worth your time, I promise.

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